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A vision of universal equity in the works.


Education Support Empowerment

We are more than a womxn empowerment organization.

We exist to create the spaces and opportunity that should already be readily available to us as womxn. We are proof that womxn are the catalysts of a movement towards social change and the force behind reshaping the face of business and creative entrepreneurship altogether.

We are a force to be reckoned with.


Inclusion of all should never be seen as a radical ideal.

We work towards improving the lives of ALL womxn in our communities by creating the space for them to succeed.

We represent and fight for womxn of all identities — whether you are black, indigenous, latinx, trans, LGBTQIA, disabled, gender nonconforming, or simply a boss bitch - this space is for you.


What we are working on


We are what womxn empowerment should stand for.